Sunday, August 14, 2016

cute art from Natali Koromoto

Today I'd like to show a few pictures of some stuff I got from Natali Koromoto, a New York City based illustrator and designer. She's one of my favourite artists and I'm so happy to have a few of her pieces in my home!
I ordered the stuff from her when she had a little sale recently. The package arrived within a week after purchase and all the items are great quality. Also, I got a free print & postcard as an extra treat.

If you like her stuff then check out her social media, shops & whatnot here:

I'm so in love with her Simpsons inspired pieces and I now got
2 prints to hang on my wall to celebrate halloween all year around.

I have a thing for tote bags so I had to get this one! Also to the left is the cute print I got for free, which is also a little Simpsons themed like the 2 other prints. Natali, I totally understand your obsession over the Simpsons.

I couldn't be more satisfied with everything! I will certainly
buy stuff from you again. Thank you so much! xo

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

learning to feel content with life

Lovely rose hip.

I feel like I always start a post with saying something like "I have been working a lot lately" but that is because that's just what I do. It's been crazy at work lately - these last few weeks are the most intense period during the whole year and I've had a lot more responsibility and things to think about than before + no vacation, since I started working full-time right before summer, so it's no wonder I feel tired!

Apricot jam.

It's calming down, though, and I feel like I'm getting used to the craziness and the loss of free time when working hard full-time. I used to feel stressed out by the feeling and thought of not having time to be creative or do whatever I want, but as my father who is the same (completely full of ideas and creative) says that you just have to get used to the fact that you don't have time for all your ideas. Or sometimes no fun at all. Which is tough, but it comes. I feel like my paycheck makes it a lot easier ha ha...

"Home is where I put my stuff"

I'm having almost half this week off work, so it'll feel like a short vacation which is very much needed. I'm saving the rest of my vacation days for October when I'm hopefully going to London with a friend (yay!!!) and cold days in autumn + winter (remember I work outside all year around...) and also I'm longing for a long Christmas vacation this year.

I miss wearing normal clothes.

My pals.

I hope you have a great summer / Matilda.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

snail mail - what the heck is that?

A letter made by me for my Japanese penpal.

Snail mail is the new pen pal revolution! Since communicating through electronic devices has become the regular thing, communicating through pen & paper is a rare thing these days. I think it's a shame because it's a very personal and beautiful thing to send a letter, and of course it's fun to receive! Imagine that getting a new letter feeling... iiih!

I remember having pen pals when I was a kid, but it fizzled out. Now when I'm a keen user of Instagram I found out that people of all ages send these really creative and fun letters to each other! I wanted so bad to be a part of this fun thing and now I am!

Such a great creative outlet to make letters. It's very fun to see the different styles people have. I do have a few people I follow on Instagram that are very inspirational. Other than my penpal @liddycampanella from Japan you should also really check out @sarahwindy! She is a very inspiring person in general. She also has a blog @ One of my fave blogs.

After getting my first pen pal I wanted more asap because I wanted to make more letters and get to know more people! So I got 2 in California, 1 in UK and 1 in Japan. Some of them are pretty inactive or never really responded to my letters even though they were the ones who wanted to be pen pals(!!!) and that is really disappointing so I'm thinking about getting new pen pals who are more loyal. I'm quite picky about who I write to, though. I like to find all my penpals through Instagram because I like to see what kind of person they are and what kind of letters they make before I befriend them. It is a friend, after all! & I don't want to become like those people who have like 25 penpals... that doesn't feel personal... also, how does one have time for all of them?

My first pen pal was a girl from California. This is the first letter she sent to me in late 2014. I was sooo exited to receive this!!! I love the letter, a very creative & colourful style.

This is the first letter I sent to her. It was around Christmas 2014, hence the Christmas theme. I'm still really happy with this letter! I think I did a great job for being my first snail mail letter. She never responded to this letter though, seems like she didn't actually have time to be my pen pal & was totally inactive on all social media and snail mail. Hm.

A letter made by me for my UK pen pal. Alice in Wonderland theme.

My pen pal from Japan makes really beautiful letters and gives me the cutest gifts! The ones above and under here are both from her.

That stationary though... oh my god!

A letter made by me for my Japanese pen pal.

I hope you enjoy this post and that it inspires you to make snail mail pen pals yourself! Best wishes, Matilda.

Saturday, July 09, 2016

midsummer, rockabilly & swing festival + FOOD

A belated happy midsummer to you all! Not that I really celebrate it, but it's nice to acknowledge a celebration that is celebrated in just a few nordic countries, right? I "celebrated" by having a bbq with a friend by the river. It was warm as hell that day and we saw a big salmon swimming around in front of us, just chilling. It was nice.

I am mostly working right now, trying to get used to my new working schedule and being tired and all that jazz, but trying to do something you like just for a few minutes every day helps making the days feel less "work, eat, sleep"-ish. For example I'm trying to read more.

I have a lot of books in my shelf to read but I'm quite lazy when it comes to that & I do have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder so I feel angsty just trying to sit down and read ha ha... (to be honest I really have to put effort into reading just a little, it's quite annoying...) but something nice and easy to read are magazines! These 2 above are my favorite Swedish magazines at the moment. Scandinavian Retro and Historiskan (first women's history magazine in Sweden). I recommend!!!

I went to IKEA on a rainy day to spend money on new stuff. Just normal Swedish behavior. Also this picture made me realize how little I show off my outfits on the internet/instagram these days? Might have something to do with me wearing work clothes & pyjamas all the time, but still! I miss dressing up!!!

IKEA is stepping up their game with making their "vegetarian" meal actually vegetarian! Good job guys! ... *cough* nah but it was good. Root beet hummus! Mh-mh-mh.

I did have a chance to dress up when going to a music festival outside Alvesta a while ago. I was going to wear my fake leather jacket but it's time to let it rest in a dumpster somewhere. R.I.P. dear, you have been a loyal and very good-looking friend since many years back but it's time for you to go... because you're so damn worn out. It's hard to say good bye when you're so emotionally attached to clothes and material things in general. I feel like it's a part of me, y'know? I got to look for a replacement to customize the shit out of.

Me and a couple of friends went to Rockin' Jamboree, a rockabilly and swing music festival, at Tyrolen in Blädinge, Alvesta (Småland). It was at a folkpark, which is a traditional Swedish dancing place kind of, a dying tradition sadly but they're trying to live this one up. There were great bands playing, very exiting to listen to this kind of music live. Also I did some lindy hop dancing.

They even had a vegetarian (vegan) meal! At least I'm pretty sure it was. It was delicious anyhow. Served with organic Swedish elderflower soda. Also, they had glitter tables! Glitter tables!!! Such a aesthetically pleasing place.

I bought a tote bag to support the folkpark. It was also very cute, very 70's.

The festival was quite exhausting even if it was only one full day (the introvert in me can't handle any more). I slept for 12 hours and then had a lovely brunch. All I do is eat???

Monday, June 27, 2016

my summer so far + music festivals

Hey there! As I have mentioned before, I feel like things are going well this year and it keeps getting better. I'm working full-time now, which is great for my savings account, and I'm feeling better with both my mental and physical health. I'm feeling more and more confident and content with myself for every month that goes by. Actually feeling this fast progress is great when you have been battling depression, anxiety and whatnot for many years. Go me!!!

In the beginning of June there is always one of the highlights of every year - Sweden Rock Festival! I live pretty close to it so I have been a regular there since high school (I think this was my 7th year or something). There wasn't that many bands that exited me this year, but seeing Queen for the first time was amazing!!!

It was Sweden Rock Festival's 25th year, so they had a poster exhibition. 1996 was a good year in my eyes. 4 of my favourite bands at the same festival! Did you know that SRF started in the boring village I grew up in?

I found this magazine called "Flow" at Schiphol airport while flying home from Amsterdam a few weeks ago. I have totally fallen in love with it! It's a pretty mindfulness-ish magazine, with great articles and just happy & nice stuff. (I'm really in the mood for going on a real "in the nature for days"-hike!!!)

Ett filmklipp publicerat av Matilda (@sugoi_punk)

The weekend after SRF I went to a jazz music & swing festival in the tiny village called Stockamöllan. It's hosted by a famous Swedish jazz musician called Gunhild Carling (& her family). It's inside an old circus tent, which gives it nice and fun feeling, and great bands played there. I'm so happy I had the guts to come there and dance (it was my first dance outside my class group and things are scary when you haven't done them before), because now I want to do it again as soon as possible!!!

Besides bands playing there were dance classes during the day and of course I was there! I started dancing lindy hop last year and I feel like I'm learning pretty quickly! I feel like I learned a lot during this weekend and it was really fun. Learned some shag & balboa moves, dances I never even knew existed before this weekend, haha.

The teachers were very good and very charming! In the video above you can see the teachers Peter Loggins & Katja Hrastar from one of the classes and down below you can see the other 2 teachers, Anni Skoglund & Gasper Hrovat. Great dancers, right?!

I can't wait to see what more this summer has got in store for me - hopefully more dancing opportunities! xx