Sunday, March 06, 2016

Introductions are difficult . . .

... but I feel like blogs need some kind of introduction, right? Hello, my name is Matilda. I'm a 21 years old female vegan feminist, born and raised in the countryside in south Sweden. I studied art in secondary high school and after that I studied Textile for 2 years (which ended in 2015) so right now I'm doing whatever creative thing I want to do at the moment. I've been working part-time at recycling stations since 2013. These 2 occupations mix together my main interests, which are handicraft/sewing and recycle/re-use/sustainable living!

Right now I'm focusing on bettering my physical & mental health, taking control over my anxiety & ADHD (which I got diagnosed with in spring 2013 aka the last months of secondary high school). Though life has had it's ups and downs (mostly downs) I feel that right now is the best I have ever felt about myself and life.

I'm also focusing on living a vegan and environmentally sustainable life, which is definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made!

On this blog I'll post about my life, projects and whatever I find interesting or inspiring.

Best wishes, Matilda.

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