Monday, March 07, 2016

quirky outfit for a quirky person

Since I spend a lot of time at work in my work clothes or doing things at home in my pyjamas I do enjoy those days where I can dress up and make an effort to put together an outfit. I wish I had the motivation to do my make up or dress up when I'm just at home all day, but I don't.

Recently I went to town with a friend to do some errands and I decided to go all the way with my outfit. For some reason I was feeling playful and pink. I just put on lots of favourite items in my wardrobe. The jacket have been with me for many years, I bought the socks when I was in Tokyo last year and I am of course emotionally attached to clothes I have made myself.

Wazzup goofball.

Faux leather jacket; customized by me.
Surfer shirt & tulle skirt; made by me.
Houndstooth jacket; vintage.
Socks; Baby, the stars shine bright.
Shoes; 1990's platforms.

I found the pink surfer fabric in a tiny second hand shop in the middle of nowhere (also known as the village I come from). It wasn't much but it was enough to make a shirt out of it. I'm still in love with it! Forever emotionally attached to clothes.

/ Matilda

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