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my trip to Japan 2015 (shopping in Tokyo)

I of course did a lot of other things than going to Disneyland on my trip to Japan last year. Mostly shopping, since that is one of my favourite things about Japan and Tokyo - the freedom of expression with fashion & the amazing shopping for people with any kind of style there is! Tokyo has it all. This post will be dedicated to some of the amazing places that I went to. 

The picture above is the TRUMP second hand shop, a shop that is connected to the famous nightclub TRUMP ROOM (not the same location as each other though). Both of them are in Shibuya and the nightclub is kind of a center for all the people who are "A-list celebrities" fashion-wise in Tokyo. They have all kinds of parties, and I'm kind of hoping to attend one in the future since they look very fun haha. The second hand shop was really overpriced though, things that should be like 4 $ were like 40 $, so... warning. But cool-looking shop and fairly easy to find.

Me and my best friend decided to go to the big and famous shopping center Shibuya 109. They have quite a lot of nice shops in there, but I'm more of a second hand shop kinda person. Quite loud, big and all that, but definitely worth a visit.

Of course, as the Japanese fashion lover I am, I visited the famous Takeshita Dori in Harajuku. It's a street in Harajuku, which is like a fashion center inside the "alternative" fashion center of Tokyo. A important visit if you're into crazy fashion. I found a second hand shop there called "We (heart) C", I think, which aesthetics I really liked. You will probably not want to go to Takeshita Street on a weekend, but it's crowded and loud all the time.

My favourite shop in Tokyo (& the world) so far is Kinji!!! It's a big second hand shop in Harajuku. It has so many fun things (at a fairly good price, 10-25$ seems to be the normal price) and it's easy to find.

Everything in the shop is divided into style-sections. They even have signs and pictures of information of Japanese fashion styles (there are quite a few special and popular ones) so if you like frilly stuff or mori stuff or hip hop or whatever, you will find an aisle dedicated to that style. I mostly photographed the pink and cute stuff since that was what I wanted to buy there.

I spent a long time checking out everything in this shop, since I have such a broad fashion style I wanted to look at everything. I really can't wait to go back!!!

Something that was special (& awkward) for me was meeting Ririan!!! She is one of my fashion inspirations that I have seen several times on for example and I also follow her on Instagram. From what I remember she thought it was really fun meeting me. She's not really a super famous Harajuku-celebrity like some others, so I think it was surprising to her that she has a fan all the way in Sweden! You can check out her instagram here!

Now, let's move from Harajuku and Shibuya to another amazing fashion center of Tokyo... Koenji! It's kind of a more hipster, quirky and less stereotypically "Harajuku"-styled place. Lots of second hand and indie shops.

It was a must for me to visit a few shops there, and one of them was "Spank!". It's a famous cutesy a la 80's second hand shop. Quite easy to find since it's like on a 'main street' in Koenji. I got a pair of vans shoes there that I love! Very nice (& famous) staff!!!

Another shop in Tokyo, has a rockabilly and vintage feel to it. Pretty nice but I didn't buy anything and the staff was rude... well, not really rude, they just ignored me. Usually that's the opposite of what Japanese shop staff does. Happy staff makes such a difference! But many probably feel uncomfortable or awkward around foreigners since they usually don't speak english well or at all. No worries, just smile at me and I'm happy!

Another nice shop. I visited a lot of GREAT vintage shops in Koenji. I did not take photos of them all since some of them are very small & you are the only customer in that tiny space with 1 staff person, so it's kind of awkward ha...

This shop had a lot of amazing things, as you can see.
Nice to walk around in a shop that isn't tiny!

One of my favourite shops in Koenji are KIKI & KIKI2 (they're on the same street). One is more child-ish & one is more for adults, I think. They're packed with old school and vintage toys (that you can buy) and other goodies. Also cute fashion, of course.

My look on one of the shopping days! I went all the way with this Disney look haha... why not, when you're in Harajuku you might as well? My Japanese friends and the "Baby, the stars shine bright" staff said I look very "Harajuku".

Even though I don't dress in lolita (yet!) I really love and appreciate the fashion.
It was fun to visit the Baby, the stars shine bright shop in Harajuku.

I got a pair of knee high socks at the shop!

I got a pair of socks and a hair clip at Bubbles 
(another famous shop in Japan).

I also got these socks on my trip. I'm a crazy sock lady,
so I was happy to find so many fun socks in Japan!

I hope you enjoyed this post of my fashion shopping in Japan. I of course got more clothes, visited more shops than this etc. but as I said I don't have nice pictures of all the stuff (I wish I had though), so showing them would result in a post more messy than this one.

Best wishes, Matilda.

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