Wednesday, April 06, 2016

my trip to Japan 2015 (Tokyo Disneyland)

Since it's exactly one year ago I was in Japan I thought I would go down memory lane and share some pictures of my trip! Mostly for my own sake because I of course love looking at the pictures and thinking about the time I spent in Tokyo, Japan. Let's start with Disneyland!

I went to Tokyo to visit my best friend who was studying there. We went to Disneyland at the end of my around 1 week stay in Japan. It was in beginning of April so there was an Easter theme at the park. A big dream come true for me to go to Disneyland and I was so exited and happy! Next time I'm there I wish to go to DisneySea (?) too, another part of the Disneyland Resort.

I wore an Alice inspired outfit with a dress I have made myself and a Mickey Mouse jacket I got in Harajuku a few days earlier. It was quite gloomy weather but it was warm.

Minnie Mouse's house! We didn't enter anyone
else's house because of the long queues.

I really liked the "It's a small world"-ride.

I forgot to ride this one. They look so beautiful.

I was still eating meat at this time last year so I had the
Mickey burger. Very basic boring food, but at least it has
the shape of Mickey (& that was all I cared about haha).

I accidently captured these girls taking a photo while
I was photographing the castle and I thought it was cute!

One of the parades was cancelled due to rain I think (did it
even rain?) and we were generally confused about the parades
haha maybe we should've checked the schedule beforehand...

I was sad because there were no Disney characters walking
around the park!!! I wanted to meet some of them! :(

Chocolate waffle! Looks so much better than it tasted.

Here comes lots of pictures of the park in general. No pictures
of the other parts than the ones shown because either it was
dark by the time we got to them or we were distracted.

I hope you enjoyed this! I want to go there again so badly!

Best wishes, Matilda.

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