Sunday, April 24, 2016

What? April is almost over?!

Hello there! Time is moving fast, as usual, so I haven't blogged much this month. Spring is finally here and the sun visits more often. My dad and I fixed the wheels on my bike and I dusted it off today so now I am SO ready for bike rides in lovely warm spring weather! I feel like this spring has been good to me so far and I ain't complaining!

Things I felt were at a distance are now just around the corner. For example my birthday and the trip to Amsterdam in May (yay!). I don't like it when it feels like time moves by quickly because I feel like I'm not really doing much with all my free time since I'm only working part-time. But I'm getting better at that relaxing-thing and feeling at ease with doing whatever the heck I want!

I have started doing the "bullet journal"-thingy, which is basically a calendar, a place for all your lists and thoughts, or whatever you feel like you need to write down. Since I have ADHD and really need to use something like this it has helped me feel less busy and more organised and also more efficient with my time! Better late than never... I feel like I'm starting to get my shit together, y'know?

I watched the new Jungle Book film yesterday and I couldn't help but
to hear the original voices (in Swedish) in my head throughout the film.

Some spring selfies & outfits for y'all.

Have a nice spring! / Matilda

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