Tuesday, May 03, 2016

cashew nuts are nuts!!!

Sorry for the post title, I just had to! Today I got up really early due to a car inspection so I tried to make the most of my early morning. A very productive, nice sunny day! Yesterday I put cashew nuts in a bowl filled with water to soak because I wanted to make some kind of vegan cheese with it. I've seen lots of people in vegan groups on facebook doing it. Cashew nuts seem to be a very versatile lil' things! You can do a lot of things with them, especially cheese replacements. If you put nutritional yeast in it it tastes like cheese! I didn't use that today though.

I spent the morning making "cream cheese" with the cashew nuts (one is onion & herb salt and the other one is paprika & herb salt) and also cashew milk with matcha (Japanese green tea) flavour! All of them turned out quite nice for being my first time.

Making "milk" from nuts are surprisingly easy! The "cheese" also. Just blend the soaked nuts (soak them over night or for a few hours) with a little bit of water until it's a smooth cream. Here you add spices and perhaps nutritional yeast for the cheese flavour and tada - vegan "cream cheese"! Or you take the cream and mix it with more water until smoother & pour it through a strainer a few times until you feel like you're done. It's almost too easy! I added matcha powder, pure vanilla powder and coconut sugar to my milk. A good combination!

Of course I need bread for my cream "cheese" so I also made
sourdough bread! I've been making a lot of my own bread lately.

... and here's a picture of me because I liked the combination of the purple lipstick and my white & brown sailor collared dress. I made this dress for last years Christmas (I get a ginger bread woman feel from it).

This picture is taken right before I was going to the last lindy hop dance class of the semester last week. Sad that it's already over, but there are several dance opportunities all through summer. Those are bigger dance events though, with new people, so it's quite scary I think... but I've decided to be brave and go to some of them this summer! Especially because I'll miss dancing too much not to go, and dancing with new people, not just the old men in my class, will be nice! I long for it, but also feel nervous.

Next week on Monday morning I'm traveling to Amsterdam! Yay!!! Hugs, Matilda.

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