Monday, June 27, 2016

my summer so far + music festivals

Hey there! As I have mentioned before, I feel like things are going well this year and it keeps getting better. I'm working full-time now, which is great for my savings account, and I'm feeling better with both my mental and physical health. I'm feeling more and more confident and content with myself for every month that goes by. Actually feeling this fast progress is great when you have been battling depression, anxiety and whatnot for many years. Go me!!!

In the beginning of June there is always one of the highlights of every year - Sweden Rock Festival! I live pretty close to it so I have been a regular there since high school (I think this was my 7th year or something). There wasn't that many bands that exited me this year, but seeing Queen for the first time was amazing!!!

It was Sweden Rock Festival's 25th year, so they had a poster exhibition. 1996 was a good year in my eyes. 4 of my favourite bands at the same festival! Did you know that SRF started in the boring village I grew up in?

I found this magazine called "Flow" at Schiphol airport while flying home from Amsterdam a few weeks ago. I have totally fallen in love with it! It's a pretty mindfulness-ish magazine, with great articles and just happy & nice stuff. (I'm really in the mood for going on a real "in the nature for days"-hike!!!)

Ett filmklipp publicerat av Matilda (@sugoi_punk)

The weekend after SRF I went to a jazz music & swing festival in the tiny village called Stockamöllan. It's hosted by a famous Swedish jazz musician called Gunhild Carling (& her family). It's inside an old circus tent, which gives it nice and fun feeling, and great bands played there. I'm so happy I had the guts to come there and dance (it was my first dance outside my class group and things are scary when you haven't done them before), because now I want to do it again as soon as possible!!!

Besides bands playing there were dance classes during the day and of course I was there! I started dancing lindy hop last year and I feel like I'm learning pretty quickly! I feel like I learned a lot during this weekend and it was really fun. Learned some shag & balboa moves, dances I never even knew existed before this weekend, haha.

The teachers were very good and very charming! In the video above you can see the teachers Peter Loggins & Katja Hrastar from one of the classes and down below you can see the other 2 teachers, Anni Skoglund & Gasper Hrovat. Great dancers, right?!

I can't wait to see what more this summer has got in store for me - hopefully more dancing opportunities! xx

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