Sunday, June 12, 2016

my trip to Amsterdam in May

This blog got abandoned because I felt too busy with work and life. I'm suddenly working full-time & it takes a lot of energy. I'm trying to adjust to this new schedule of life. Welcome to the adult life, my mother says.

11 May was my 22nd birthday (I have to remind myself that I am older than 19, it feels weird) and I really wanted to travel somewhere since I'll be working all summer as usual and I asked my parents to join me. We ended up going to Amsterdam - a first time for all of us and we all loved the city. It's a beautiful city with a interesting history and culture. Lovely houses, streets and canals. Also, it was no problem at all being vegan there, but I'll write a separate post about that!

We got lucky with the weather, to say the least... The pictures look kind of gloomy but I'm telling ya - it was the hottest week of this summer! I'm just happy I survived.

We did the usual tourist-sight-seeing things, like visiting Rembrandt's house.

I am so in love with tiny houses, so the house boats that were everywhere was very nice to see! I wouldn't mind doing a airbnb-thing with them next time I visit Amsterdam (because I will definitely visit again!).

A very warm but exited gal on her first night in Amsterdam.

We visited the Jewish Historical Museum on my birthday because apparently there was an exhibition about Amy Winehouse and her jewish roots. They had a lot of her personal belongings there, like family photos, clothes, a few vinyl records from her personal collection, and so on. I wasn't allowed to photograph anything but I bought the book about the exhibition and her - it's her brother that has done all  of it.

It was very interesting to see because I have been a big fan of her since I was in middle school. I felt like I was very close to crying through the whole exhibition. Afterwards we had some vegan (!) ice cream at the museum cafe.

We also visited the Van Gogh museum. It was very interesting as well, to walk around looking at his paintings step by step while reading about how his life evolved and how he felt. He was a very dedicated and passionate artist, but even though he willingly got help for his demons he still killed himself in the end. I admire his passion for his work.

My birthday outfit! Sewn by me, of course.

The pink mini Kånken: a birthday present to myself. #treatyoself

We walked around a bit in Jordaan, which I think (after my first visit) is the coziest part of Amsterdam. I didn't really find any interesting shops on this trip though? For ex. vintage shops. So next time I'll be a little more prepared when it comes to that. Tip: google beforehand if you're looking for something.

That is all for now. I wish I find energy (& remember) to update this blog even though I have a lot on my plate right now. Blogging is too fun to not do, after all! Doei-doei, tot zo!

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