Saturday, July 09, 2016

midsummer, rockabilly & swing festival + FOOD

A belated happy midsummer to you all! Not that I really celebrate it, but it's nice to acknowledge a celebration that is celebrated in just a few nordic countries, right? I "celebrated" by having a bbq with a friend by the river. It was warm as hell that day and we saw a big salmon swimming around in front of us, just chilling. It was nice.

I am mostly working right now, trying to get used to my new working schedule and being tired and all that jazz, but trying to do something you like just for a few minutes every day helps making the days feel less "work, eat, sleep"-ish. For example I'm trying to read more.

I have a lot of books in my shelf to read but I'm quite lazy when it comes to that & I do have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder so I feel angsty just trying to sit down and read ha ha... (to be honest I really have to put effort into reading just a little, it's quite annoying...) but something nice and easy to read are magazines! These 2 above are my favorite Swedish magazines at the moment. Scandinavian Retro and Historiskan (first women's history magazine in Sweden). I recommend!!!

I went to IKEA on a rainy day to spend money on new stuff. Just normal Swedish behavior. Also this picture made me realize how little I show off my outfits on the internet/instagram these days? Might have something to do with me wearing work clothes & pyjamas all the time, but still! I miss dressing up!!!

IKEA is stepping up their game with making their "vegetarian" meal actually vegetarian! Good job guys! ... *cough* nah but it was good. Root beet hummus! Mh-mh-mh.

I did have a chance to dress up when going to a music festival outside Alvesta a while ago. I was going to wear my fake leather jacket but it's time to let it rest in a dumpster somewhere. R.I.P. dear, you have been a loyal and very good-looking friend since many years back but it's time for you to go... because you're so damn worn out. It's hard to say good bye when you're so emotionally attached to clothes and material things in general. I feel like it's a part of me, y'know? I got to look for a replacement to customize the shit out of.

Me and a couple of friends went to Rockin' Jamboree, a rockabilly and swing music festival, at Tyrolen in Blädinge, Alvesta (Småland). It was at a folkpark, which is a traditional Swedish dancing place kind of, a dying tradition sadly but they're trying to live this one up. There were great bands playing, very exiting to listen to this kind of music live. Also I did some lindy hop dancing.

They even had a vegetarian (vegan) meal! At least I'm pretty sure it was. It was delicious anyhow. Served with organic Swedish elderflower soda. Also, they had glitter tables! Glitter tables!!! Such a aesthetically pleasing place.

I bought a tote bag to support the folkpark. It was also very cute, very 70's.

The festival was quite exhausting even if it was only one full day (the introvert in me can't handle any more). I slept for 12 hours and then had a lovely brunch. All I do is eat???

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