Sunday, July 17, 2016

snail mail - what the heck is that?

A letter made by me for my Japanese penpal.

Snail mail is the new pen pal revolution! Since communicating through electronic devices has become the regular thing, communicating through pen & paper is a rare thing these days. I think it's a shame because it's a very personal and beautiful thing to send a letter, and of course it's fun to receive! Imagine that getting a new letter feeling... iiih!

I remember having pen pals when I was a kid, but it fizzled out. Now when I'm a keen user of Instagram I found out that people of all ages send these really creative and fun letters to each other! I wanted so bad to be a part of this fun thing and now I am!

Such a great creative outlet to make letters. It's very fun to see the different styles people have. I do have a few people I follow on Instagram that are very inspirational. Other than my penpal @liddycampanella from Japan you should also really check out @sarahwindy! She is a very inspiring person in general. She also has a blog @ One of my fave blogs.

After getting my first pen pal I wanted more asap because I wanted to make more letters and get to know more people! So I got 2 in California, 1 in UK and 1 in Japan. Some of them are pretty inactive or never really responded to my letters even though they were the ones who wanted to be pen pals(!!!) and that is really disappointing so I'm thinking about getting new pen pals who are more loyal. I'm quite picky about who I write to, though. I like to find all my penpals through Instagram because I like to see what kind of person they are and what kind of letters they make before I befriend them. It is a friend, after all! & I don't want to become like those people who have like 25 penpals... that doesn't feel personal... also, how does one have time for all of them?

My first pen pal was a girl from California. This is the first letter she sent to me in late 2014. I was sooo exited to receive this!!! I love the letter, a very creative & colourful style.

This is the first letter I sent to her. It was around Christmas 2014, hence the Christmas theme. I'm still really happy with this letter! I think I did a great job for being my first snail mail letter. She never responded to this letter though, seems like she didn't actually have time to be my pen pal & was totally inactive on all social media and snail mail. Hm.

A letter made by me for my UK pen pal. Alice in Wonderland theme.

My pen pal from Japan makes really beautiful letters and gives me the cutest gifts! The ones above and under here are both from her.

That stationary though... oh my god!

A letter made by me for my Japanese pen pal.

I hope you enjoy this post and that it inspires you to make snail mail pen pals yourself! Best wishes, Matilda.

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